My Wakaya Opportunity

I know you and know your goals and want to help you reach those goals.  The opportunity isn’t ground floor, it’s in the basement.  Listen to a call.  Do your research and then reach out to me at to let me know that you are ready.  I have to say, I love this program…we have the #BulaFIT Keto program and I’m feeling great and getting healthy…check out the pics! 

First, please note that everyone’s results may vary.  I’m following the Wakaya BulaFIT Keto plan, eating a keto friendly diet and working out (as best I can coming off of a knee injury) with Fitness expert Owen Mckibbin.                                                

    At a meeting on crutch from knee injury pre #BulaFIT and I started Thursdy 2/16/2017, on the right I am getting ready for our BulaFIT meeting on 3/28/2017.  Owen Mckibbin said not to pay attention to the scale.  Muscle weighs more than fat, focus on how your clothes fit.  Well, I’m down 2 sizes, almost 3.  And, check out these great results of others!


Here is my link to get started –
And, check out this video:
*Wakaya is a new wellness network marketing company founded by billionaire David Gilmour the founder of Fiji water a billion dollar bottled water company.  Start Up – The Life & Times of a Serial Entrepreneur is Mr Gilmour’s new book.  
*The network marketing side of the company will launch new products that will contain David Gilmour’s organic ingredients that are currently being sold around the world earning millions of dollars.  These ingredients are grown and harvested on Mr. Gilmour’s private island in feji.  Some of these organic ingredients are:  GingerTurmeric, and Sea Salt to name a few. 

*Mr Gilmour’s organic ingredients and products have been featured in numerous magazinesand was one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.  Also the Home Shopping Network (HSN) have featured Mr Gilmour’s products selling out in just a few minutes!
*A few of the exciting products that the network marketing side of the company will market will be a:
  • Daily Detox water
  • Weight loss water
  • Labido Boost water
as well as a whole host of other wellness products.  

On March 1st you will pay the difference of the top package at $499.00.

*The exciting part of this new company is the compensation plan.  A perpetual 2 by 2 matrix is what fuels this comp plan.

All the bells and whistles of a great comp plan are here too such as fast start bonuses, coded bonuses, a car bonus up to $1000, 1% bonus pool shares, and a great back end that will provide long term residual income.  

Get ready, we’re just days away from living the Wakaya Life!



Yours in Success!

Bernadette Trafton

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