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I’ve had a ton of people ask me why I left #Youngevity.  I mean I was with FDI/Youngevity for the better part of 10 years and most of the last 5 just as #Youngevity.  So, I figured I’d write a little blog post.  I do want to clarify that I didn’t leave #Youngevity.  #Youngevity left me.  I looked at a different venture called Wakaya Perfection, that could in effect work with what I was doing at Youngevity.  One is focused on detox, the other has vitamins.  I can’t say #Youngevity is focused on vitamins because they seem to have lost that focus over the past few years.  I loved what I saw in Wakaya Perfection, a strong focused product line, founded by David Gilmour and co-founded by Todd Smith, and the best compensation plan I’ve ever seen in network marketing.  So, I started promoting on FB.  I was a little shocked when I tried to get into my back office a few days later to buy some vitamins and I was locked out.  So, I reached out to Michelle Wallach and to paraphrase, she pretty much told me that the leaders in Wakaya are evil and it’s out of her hands, I will need to deal with legal. 

I was shocked because, as many of the other networkers that were and are still in the company, I have multiple streams of income.  I know many who promote other companies.  So, figured there would be no issue with me doing another company as another tool in my proverbial belt to either help people  get healthy or make money.  I have personally been prospected by at least 20 times by reps who are still in Youngevity over the past 4 1/2 years for other nutritional companies that offer products that Youngevity doesn’t have, energy companies, MLSP, gold exchange, Send Out Cards, etc, etc, etc.  And, I’ve seen these people put their information out on Facebook and they’ve also prospected my downline to join their company.  When FDI first merged with #Youngevity, I complained about it, but was in essence told that there is not alot that anyone can do about it, suck it up and go build your business.  I’m happy to discuss this with those that are looking at #Youngevity as an option or are just frustrated and want to talk.  Feel free to call me at (603) 965-2909.  

So, for 3 plus years, I pushed to try to build my business.  My team and I held 3-5 meetings a week.  Business opportunity meetings, health seminars, hosting Dr. Wallach, to no avail.  We all watched our incomes dwindle.  At some point, we decided that we will talk to people who are having health issues in our daily lives and not push it anymore because it wasn’t working.  I’m not saying that it hasn’t worked for others, but, it didn’t work for us.  Many people left, some just continued to buy products, but, after 3 plus years of spending more money on meetings and promoting Youngevity than we were making, people just kind of walked away for a variety of reasons.   

There are numerous reasons over the years that could have made me quit Youngevity.  But, I didn’t because of Dr. Joel Wallach.   

  • I could have quit when we first merged and they took our FDI sites away preventing us from marketing the financial services that we had been marketing for years.
  • I could have quit when my reps started leaving because they couldn’t effectively market the FDI services. 
  • I could have quit the numerous times I was prospected by Youngevity reps to join another company, also contacting my downline for their company and Youngevity corporate told me they could do nothing about it.  Funny, they are still in Youngevity.   
  • I could have quit when it became apparant that the company was losing focus on the nutritional products and were buying other network marketing companies and began promoting jewelry, clothing, organic cheese, dog food, cards and books and whatever kind of company they could buy so they could rake that company of their distributors.  The problem with this model is if you are a Jack of All Trades, you are a Master of none.  So, the credibility that Dr Wallach has tried to build over the last 20 years is, in essence, destroyed.
  • I could have quit when one of my mentors Steve Schulz (picture with my team at a Christmas Party above) left because of things #Youngevity corporate did that caused him to leave because, it was simply the right thing to do. 
  • I could have quit when events that I had planned to have Dr Wallach in the area were cancelled because someone never wrote them on a calendar and we had to wait almost a year to have him come to my area. 
  • I could have quit when almost the entire executive staff resigned.  You will see my mentors Mike Randolph and Bill Andreoli pictured with my team.  I know them all, these are people full of heart and integrity, there had to be a good reason they quit.  I won’t speculate.  But, there had to be a good reason. 
  • I could have quit when they came to NH a week before Christmas and fired the entire staff. 
  • I could have quit when I noticed I was feeling like crap all the time, hiatal hernia acting up, random cramps in my legs, the need to run to the bathroom a lot, a rash on my face and more symptoms.  So, I began taking more vitamins.  But, I got sicker.  So, I began doing research and realized that the level of vitamin B3 in the products is high and most naturopaths recommend not taking over 50mg a day and by taking the products it was recommended that I take, I was actually getting 5 times the Niacin (B3) most naturopaths would tell you not to go over, 10 times what traditional doctors tell you not to go over, so my body became Niacin or Vitamin B3 toxic.  Don’t believe me, read this article in Fitday as a reference.  I stopped taking BTT (40mg per serving), ZrADICAL Powder (20 mg per serving), Rebound (20 mg per serving) and Pollen Burst (20 mg per serving) (twice a day per Doc’s recommendations).  And, my symptoms went away.  Imagine that.  I guess the real problem is that there is no regulations or guidelines within #Youngevity to tell people don’t mix one product with another because you might be getting too much of something. 

There are more reasons that I could have quit, but, I didn’t.  I kept plugging away because even though Dr Joel Wallach (pictured next to me at one of the numerous events I put on)  has pissed off numerous people at presentations because of his eccentric ways, I like the old guy.  I think he tells people to take too many vitamins and is unrealistic about the money people have to spend on vitamins.  The last few seminars, not one person was getting away without him recommending upwards of $800, $900 a month in vitamins.  Still, I wasn’t quitting because of Dr. Wallach and when used in moderation, I’ve seen the vitamins help people.

So #Youngevity quit me.  Even after I’d stuck with them.  It is what it is, I’m happy to focus on Wakaya Perfection and am building more of an income in a week than I made with #Youngevity on a monthly basis anyway.  But, #Youngevity has managed to PISS ME OFF for another reason.  Why?  They cancelled Henry’s account.  Let me tell you a little about Henry.  Henry is disabled from a construction accident years ago, he is a veteran and he is a great guy who is super loyal.  He has been taking Doc Wallach’s products for 15 years, since his accident.  He still has the very first cassette tape that someone gave him 15 years ago of Doc’s lecture.  He is not a networker, he has maybe 1 or 2 reps on his team and he was making a few hundred dollars a month from pharmacy discount cards that he had been giving out with FDI.  He used most of that money to buy his vitamins.  Henry wasn’t even in Wakaya.  He shared my event, like he shares everything I post because he’s a great guy and wants to help promote me because I’m his friend.  He called me yesterday to tell me he had received two certified letters, one delivered by the USPS and one delivered by UPS.  Both were the same telling him his account had been cancelled for promoting Wakaya Perfection.  I said, well, “I can try to make some phone calls Henry to see if they will re-instate you, what do you want me to do?”  He said, “Look, I’ve been buying vitamins from Wallach for 15 years and they repay me by suspending my account, sounds to me like they are running scared.  If they are going to suspend a loyal customer without even calling me to have a conversation, screw them, sign me up for Wakaya!” 

So, now I’m on a mission to help Henry replace his income.  Keep it up #Youngevity, you are fueling my fire. 

All the best and for more information about Wakaya Perfection, the products and the best comp plan I’ve ever seen, send me an email at dette101@gmail.com and visit http://bernadette.mywakaya.com/ to secure your position in the matrix.  

Bernadette Trafton, Wakaya Perfection Ambassador and your Chief Connector. 





  1. Katie says

    Well…I’m glad that I know someone as powerful and scary as you! LOL Some companies are their own worst enemies. I don’t know Henry, but I’m sorry that someone at a company is letting their hissy fit with you run contrary to their company’s business philosophy of helping someone stay health and well. Good grief.

  2. says

    Uno puede aprender algo nuevo aquí todos los días. Estoy un habitual para la mayoría de los blogs, pero aún no sabía nada de un par de ellos.

  3. Debra says

    Hi. Thank you for explaining a few things to me via your post. I just enrolled in Youngevity a few weeks ago because I think nutritional deficiency is real . Dr Wallach is on the money about the gluten as well. I didn’t find other nutritional supplements that I thought were gave you as much bang for your buck. On the other hand I have developed muscle / bone pain since starting the healthy pack. I don’t know if it’s normal or not.
    I was confused by all the companies and products associated with Youngevity.
    I found your post because I wanted to find out more about the FDI cards.
    So, now I will have to dig some more.

  4. Tom says

    How can I stop the “prospecting” phone calls?

    When I call back, the line is no longer in service. The same numbers keep showing up.

    I made the mistake of listening to one long message trying to find out where the calls originated. A human called me back and Youngevity was the source.

    Does registering with “DO NOT CALL. GOV” work???

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