Is your business online? Is it getting found?

A few questions you need to ask yourself and a few thoughts to ponder:

  • Are you online and getting found online? 
  • Are you networking? 
  • Is all of your marketing congruent?

 Are you getting found online? 

       Do you have a website?  Is it rich with keywords that focus on your perfect client?  Many gurus will tell you to focus only on SEO.  And, SEO is important.  But, SEO takes time.  To speed the process up, you can incorporate Online Listing Management and an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy. The goal is to make sure you are listed everywhere people might be looking for someone who offers your product or service.  SEM doesn’t work for every business, so we are happy to offer free consultations offering education to help build your business.    

Are you networking?

     Networking is key to any business.  It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, it’s important to get out there and meet people. 

  1. It’s easy to find places to network with people.  Go to Google and type “meet like minded professionals in my area” and you’ll get listings from to professional networking groups like BNI and professional associations.
  2. When you go to these networking events, focus on meeting just a few new people.  Don’t run around the room like a shark exchanging business cards with everyone you meet.  Take the time to get to know just a few people and schedule a time to have coffee with them at a later date to see if you can find some synergy in what you do.  Take the time, you never know where this will take and who you might meet as a result.   

Is all your marketing congruent?

     It is important that your marketing is working together, whether it is in person with your business cards or online, it all needs to match. 

  1. Your website, facebook business id, twitter handle and any other business social networking that you use needs to be listed on your business card.  
  2. Your website, facebook page, twitter page and any other social networking site that you use needs to be linked.  So, list and link the social network links on your website and list and link your website on the social network sites. 
  3. Make sure you are registered with Google,, Yahoo and Bing and other listing directories and make sure your website and social networks are listed on all. 
  4. Any direct mail marketing you do should have your website and social networks listed and give people a reason to optin to your website and like or follow you on social networks.  

Once you begin to develop a list, make sure you communicate with them.  Offer them tips and techniques to help them.  Make your marketing about those you are marketing to and you will be successful.   

 Make it a great day! 

Yours in success,

Bernadette Trafton, Chief Connector







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