Reputation. Reviews. Results!

My name is Bernadette Trafton, I am the Chief Connector and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at SMJ Marketing Solutions. I didn’t become an entrepreneur over night, and I definitely didn’t do it by myself. Before I got started, I found myself in a very tough situation as a struggling single mother with no child support. I won’t get into the details here. If you want to know…perhaps we can swap stories over a coffee.  Some folks ask where does the SMJ come from?  Those are my son’s initials.  I wanted to be able to stay home with him when he was born.  That desire pushed me to begin the journey into digital marketing.  

The key is that my life changed because of the amazing people I met while networking. Because of these people, I was introduced to a world of opportunity that I never knew existed. I know the importance of multiple streams of income, If one stream is flowing slowly, you have others that will keep you financially sound. I’ve met mentors and a bevy of friends who’ve helped me succeed and enrich my life daily. Since reaching many of my personal goals, I’ve made it my mission to help as many people reach their personal and financial goals as possible.

I’ve been marketing for 20 years (gosh that makes me sound old) and in the digital marketing space for about 10 years.  There are 8 pillars to online marketing.  Using the 8 pillars, we will focus on building a strong reputation through online reviews and driving results to your business.   

Success requires desire and commitment….Desire.  Commit.  Succeed!